You Can Support Protection of the Ancient Forest.


BC's provincial government is moving forward with their promise to protect the beautiful Ancient Forest Trail area located east of Prince George. Hells yes!

Prince George's Northern Wetbelt Working Group has composed a gracious and gratuitous letter to MLA Shirley Bond in response to the government's invitation for public commentary.

Tomorrow, November 2nd, is the LAST day to add your name to the letter. Press here to read it and sign, using a simple-to-use electronic form.

If YOU support protection of the Ancient Forest (and all forest, for that matter) - please sign the Northern Wetbelt Working Group's letter! Show the government that we, British Columbians, love our glorious land and want further protection of the Ancient Forest area.

Unfamiliar with the wondrous magnificence that is PG's bio-gem the Ancient Forest? Read about it here.





Post by Dara Campbell

Interview with Ian Barrett of Jurassic Jewellery & Barrett Dynasty


We caught up with Ian Barrett, collector, purveyor, and jeweller of interstellar (and psychedelic) artifacts. We chatted about the nature of celestial jewellery and mused upon the organic legacy of his late uncle as Ian continues a psychedelic legacy. Check out his work here:

Jurassic Jewellery website - http://www.jurassicjewellery.co.uk



Interview with Ian Barrett of Jurassic Jewellery & Barrett Dynasty by Cfurvolunteer on Mixcloud

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OCT 1: Best & Worst of the Reciprocity Shelf

Yo! Here at CFUR, we're big fans of the Reciprocity Shelf.


This wonderful thing can be found across from the Pride Centre on the third floor of the NUGSS building. If you aren't familiar with the Reciprocity Shelf, here's how it goes: when you have something useful but, for whatever reason, no longer need it - clothing, kitchen things, books, non-perishables, etc -  leave it on the Shelf. Another human will be thankful that you did. The beauty of the Reciprocity Shelf is in the name; when you're in need of something, it's a great place go looking.

In case you didn't have time to check out the Shelf this week, here's what you missed:


_DSC2307A onesie

ATTN cartoon-watchers, onesie-wearers and tall humans: there's an Adventuretime onesie up for grabs at the Shelf! It comes fully-equipped with a hoodie and padded footsies. What more could a cartoon-loving giant ask for?


_DSC2308Lidless tupperware

Whoever left these sad containers probably didn't understand the concept of tupperware. That shit needs a lid. This is definitely the worst of the Reciprocity Shelf this week.

That's all for now. Hey, check out this new Geoff Berner video:


Best and Worst of Reciprocity

Yo! I hope you know what the share shelf is at UNBC, your centre for reciprocity:


It’s on the third floor of the NUGSS building at UNBC. The idea is, you have some USEFUL that you no longer need. Instead of trashing it. Stick it on the shelf so your fellow humans in arms can continue to use it 😉

Here is the BEST of the reciprocity shelf this week. If you’re a dirtbag like me, you’re gonna love this! If you like to make fun of people from a distance, keep reading for the WORST of the reciprocity shelf 😀



are you balding? or plan on going bald? or predict that rainbow is the new dew for 2015?? then a wig suitcase could be your best bet when passing by the almighty reciprocity....cheeeeck iiit oouut foolksss!



dear: mr/mrs. apple drink dink

if you like apples and like them hot in your cup...like most people with a heart (sorry apple haters, no one actually thinks you don't have a heart...it just prefers a less desirable fruit) .... you take the evidence that proved its deliciousness...and dispose of it (in the greenest manner  possible of course).....because of you.....the hot apple deliciousness now ends up here..... an over exploited indisposed worstie.