WikiNews -Ethereum Miner Special

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A feature interview with Darren Ditto, member of the board of trustees at Two Rivers Galley and owner of an Ethereum miner, which will be showcased at the Prince George Mini-Maker Faire on Sept. 30th from 10am-3pm at Two Rivers Gallery.

Visit the PG Mini Maker Faire facebook page for more information. Hope to see you there! 

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This Week's Top Wikipedia Edits: Show Homes can be Built and Sold like any Other House

According to Wikipedia:

  • "The aluminum air battery was invented in 1989 in the city of Montario" 
  • "The original grandfather clauses were contained in new state constitutions and Jim Crow laws passed by white-dominated state legislatures from 1890 to 1908 in most of the Southern United States to restrict voter rolls and effectively prevent African Americans, Mexican Americans, and poor white people from voting.... White Democrats developed statutes and passed new constitutions creating restrictive voter registration rules. Examples included the imposition of poll taxes and residency and literacy tests.... The term 'grandfather clause' arose from the fact that the laws tied the then-current generation's voting rights to those of their grandfathers"
  • People go to school and learn the alphabet, so "why did you even need to make the alphabet on this crappy encyclopedia if you can just go ask a random teacher and learn it?"
  • "Show homes are often built in such a way that they can be sold like any other house, and as such are connected to electrical and telephone cables and have functioning water systems"

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"Pressure Gonna Drop On You"

Those words, sung by the great Toots Hibberts, are, for better or for worse, true for most of us. In these hectic lives we find ourselves in, pressures mount on all sides. Jobs, debts, family, relationships. Need I go on? Yes? Okay, fine: student loans, sickness, deadlines, homework, trucks that won't start, responsibilities that won't stop.

It's time for Pressure Drop.

Let your troubles worry about themselves for a minute (Or, better yet, for 58 consecutive minutes) and kick back with some quality radio programming. Let DJ Sol's soothing selection of ska, reggae, rocksteady, and punk flow through their ears and into your weary mind.

Have a listen to this, the 11th episode of Pressure Drop, and let that pressure drop off your shoulders.

Today's Top Wikipedia Edits: Women Tend to View Wikipedia Editors as Male

According to Wikipedia:

  • "A 2017 study found that women participating in an experiment by editing a Wikipedia-like site tended to view other editors as male, and to view their responses as more critical than if the other editor was gender-neutral.... Surveys have indicated that between 8.5-16 percent of Wikipedia editors are female...[which] may be in line with other public thought-leadership forums"
  • Lolita fashion is "a cross between Alice in Wonderland and the Addams Family, whose influences include Victorian children's wear, the French Rococo period, goth-inspired darkness and Japanese anime." Substyles of lolita fashion include: sweet lolita, bittersweet lolita, Country lolita, sailor lolita, and pirate lolita"
  • "The saltwater perch is also known as 'touch-me-stripes' and was named such by a group of young children who caught this fish and didn't recognize it. They hope the name will catch on"
  • The short-lived Free Soil Party grew out the Democrat Party and eventually morphed into the Republican Party


Today's Top Wikipedia Edit: US Police Officers Advocated for Vehicular Ramming on Twitter

According to Wikipedia:

  • "Early in 1852, Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, by then very deaf, gave Derby's first government its nickname by shouting "Who? Who?" as the list of inexperienced Cabinet Ministers was read out in the House of Lords"
  • "By printing a notice on the page, such as 'This page has been intentionally left blank," test-takers will not be concerned that their test has been misprinted.... These pages may also be useful as scratch paper"
  • "Vehicular ramming has sometimes been advocated as a means to deal with protesters who block public roadways.... Two police officers were suspended and fired...for tweeting such advice in relation to Black Lives Matter rallies.... North Dakota state legislator Keith Kempenich tried and failed to pass a law granting immunity to drivers who accidentally hit protesters.... Similar legislation has been introduced in Florida and Texas"

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This Week's Top Wikipedia Edits: Artswells Should be Listed on Wikipedia -Callout to Wikipedia Editors

This episode showcases mostly experimental artists who played at Artswells 2017 in Wells, BC.

According to Wikipedia:
- David Bowie, Jim Morrison, and Jimmy Page are listed on Wikipedia's list of occultists
- The Avocado Green Mattress was founded in 2017 by Jeff and Alexander D'Andrea. "Concerned with off-gassing, they wanted a mattress made without petroleum-based polyurethane foams and harsh industrial chemicals that also did not greenwash their product to promote sales. Because they could not find a suitable product, they started Avocado Green Mattress"
- Paul Galvin "created the name Motorola by linking 'motor' with 'ola,' which was a popular ending for many companies at the time, e.g. Moviola, Crayola"

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Today's Top Wikipedia Edits: Neopalpa donaldtrumpi and Tetragramma donaldtrumpi, Species Named After You-Know-Who

According to Wikipedia:

  • Fast-and-frugal trees are a "type of decision tree.... The fast-and-frugal tree establishes a ranking and, according to the ranking, a 'topology' of the tree"
  • List of species named after Donald Trump: "neopalpa donaldtrumpi, a species of micro-moth...with distinctive yellowish-white scales covering the head in adults [and]... tetragramma donaldtrumpi, a species of fossil sea urchin"
  • "This is a list of present and extant earls in the Peerages of...the United Kingdom. Note that it does not include extant earldoms which have become merged (either through marriage or elevation) with marquessates or dukedoms and are today only seen as subsidiary titles"

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Ether in the Attic: Episode #143 - Existing in the Light - 20170731

An oncoming heatwave lurks in the waning August Sun. Embrace it or run from it? Ride the snake my friends. It all comes back on itself eventually. Turn off the A/C (if you have it) Grab some ice (if you can get it), and celebrate the fact that its hot enough to melt it.


P.S. I'm making hats made out of hubcaps at the stand this week. Far more fashionable than your standard tin-foil hat, and with equal heat radiation & signal interference properties.