Today's Top Wikipedia Edits: Women Tend to View Wikipedia Editors as Male

According to Wikipedia:

  • "A 2017 study found that women participating in an experiment by editing a Wikipedia-like site tended to view other editors as male, and to view their responses as more critical than if the other editor was gender-neutral.... Surveys have indicated that between 8.5-16 percent of Wikipedia editors are female...[which] may be in line with other public thought-leadership forums"
  • Lolita fashion is "a cross between Alice in Wonderland and the Addams Family, whose influences include Victorian children's wear, the French Rococo period, goth-inspired darkness and Japanese anime." Substyles of lolita fashion include: sweet lolita, bittersweet lolita, Country lolita, sailor lolita, and pirate lolita"
  • "The saltwater perch is also known as 'touch-me-stripes' and was named such by a group of young children who caught this fish and didn't recognize it. They hope the name will catch on"
  • The short-lived Free Soil Party grew out the Democrat Party and eventually morphed into the Republican Party


Ether in the Attic: Episode #145 - Don't lose hope, look for the high notes - 20170821


Ether in the Attic: Episode #145

Don't lose hope, look for the high notes

Chrysler 300 - Circa 66-7

Chrysler 300 - Circa 66-7

Look at the radio dial, give er a yank and land inside the attic. Say hello to the spacemen along the way. Email for requests, hubcap sales (buy&sell), we're hubcaps and a whole lot more. Watch the fibreglass insulation of course, it gets itchy quickly, and it's NOT cotton candy. Thank god there is good music in this world because it'd be pretty dark up here otherwise. Grab the soap and wash yourself with wholesome hope. Your guitar doesn't want you to mope.


Roots Music Fest


If you are looking to get your fill of Roots music before the summer is out head to Blackburn Hall this weekend for the Roots Music Festival here in Prince George, BC.

From today, August 18th, to the 20th the Peyak Li Moond Métis Society is hosting the festival which features acts such as the Barn Dance Boys, Shadow Creek, Rene Therrien, and more.

There is free on-site RV camping and concession, with weekend and day passes available.

A weekend pass is $35, Saturday pass is $15, and a Friday or Sunday pass is $10.

For more info call 1-778-349-1566 or email


The Party on High Street


Since first forming seven years ago The Party On High Street has worked tirelessly to bring its signature feel-good funk jams to the people! And Prince George will be the next to experience it on August 24th at the Omineca Arts Center.

Their lively dance-inducing mix of funk, folk and jazz fuelled rock n' roll gets everyone dancing and jamming. The song topics cover everything from peculiar youthful enchantments, weird love, to some of the odder aspects of life.  From Canadian campfires and stages, to bars and backyards, The Party at High Street makes sure everyone has a great time.

Doors open at 8pm, the show starts at 9pm, and there will be a $10 cover. Don’t miss out on this party!

Sky Parallel

Nancy O’s will be hosting two great acts on August 22nd that are definitely worth checking out!

Sky Parallel is the musical fusion of violinist Sara Fitzpatrick and singer-songwriter Sarah Noni. Together they create dynamically beautiful pieces, with inspiration from various music genres including folk, indy, electro-folk and more. With their violin, guitar, and voices, the duo creates rhythmical songs that both push the boundaries of music while simultaneously enrapturing audiences everywhere.

Sky Parallel's debut single, “Body Between” is available now in all digital stores, and they will be releasing their full length album this fall. They have performed at a few Canadian music festivals this summer and will be heading to Europe this September for a short tour.

They will be joined by the upbeat and entertaining music of Banjoman. Maxim Cossette delights audiences with his fun and engaging glimpses of life. No matter where he preforms, he always manages to pull people out onto the dancefloor.

It’s a $10 cover at the door for this performance and the show starts at 8pm.

Craig Cardiff at Nancy O's

Singer-songwriter Craig Cardiff will be returning to Prince George, BC on August 18th for an evening performance at Nancy O's.

With a voice described as “warm, scratched, sad and sleepy,” Cardiff sings songs that expose the human condition, putting a magnifying glass to the clumsier and less proud moments. He can turn any setting into an intimate affair, infusing his music and lyrics with an uncompromising humanism.

His most recent album, Love Is Louder (Than All This Noise) offers 21 tracks that are connected by an underlying sense that when you are going through a tough time there are better days to come.

Cardiff makes it a point to keep the relationship with his fans personal, inviting and accepting any opportunity to make his audience as much a part of the performance as he is.

Tickets are available at Nancy O´s. $20 in advance $25 at the door and the show starts at 9:00pm. For more info click HERE

The Racket Tour Interview

The Racket Promo Picture 1.jpg.opt800x544o0,0s800x544.jpg

I got an interview with, "The Racket."   A very lovely band from BC. They played 40 shows within 4 months.  You have Simon Stockner, the Drum Player and he organizes their shows.  You have Elijah Larsen, Guitar, vocals, mandolin, and accordion player.  Last but not least, Stephen DeWit, the Bass Player.  Love their music by the way!! 

The song, I picked for the interview is called, The Train from their album, "The Racket".

Check out their webpage: for more. They are also on Facebook and their music is available on ITunes.  

Limelight Quest 2017

Since 2011 Limelight Quest Competition has been offering budding singers the opportunity for stage experience and professional development, as well as the opportunity to win some great prizes.

It is a competition for solo singers in the Prince George area and the finals will be taking place at the BCNE on August 18th. On this day, the 8 remaining singers will take the stage in Kin 3 to compete for the 4 prize packages!

There is no fee to watch these performances, just the gate fee to get into the fair. Children 11 and under get in free, those 12-17 and Seniors pay $5, and the general public gets in for $10

Come check out some Prince George talent while also taking in the 105th BCNE fair.

For more details visit:


Today's Top Wikipedia Edit: US Police Officers Advocated for Vehicular Ramming on Twitter

According to Wikipedia:

  • "Early in 1852, Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, by then very deaf, gave Derby's first government its nickname by shouting "Who? Who?" as the list of inexperienced Cabinet Ministers was read out in the House of Lords"
  • "By printing a notice on the page, such as 'This page has been intentionally left blank," test-takers will not be concerned that their test has been misprinted.... These pages may also be useful as scratch paper"
  • "Vehicular ramming has sometimes been advocated as a means to deal with protesters who block public roadways.... Two police officers were suspended and fired...for tweeting such advice in relation to Black Lives Matter rallies.... North Dakota state legislator Keith Kempenich tried and failed to pass a law granting immunity to drivers who accidentally hit protesters.... Similar legislation has been introduced in Florida and Texas"

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Ether in the Attic: Episode #144 - Don't Want to Lose ya, Just Move ya - 20170814

Check out the Holden HR Hubcaps on my Twitter! WOW, what beauts!!
Gettin' to the meat, this episode reflects the garage rock that will melt your spine into a malleable whip to lash your opponents during moments of ignorance and insolence. Take head, nothing this powerful and beautiful is altogether innocent. by definition, it can be used for both good and evil. Wash your hands.
Here's the potatoes... The Hubcap Stand went Mobile. We turned to Facebook, started promoting posts and saw results immediately. We have not stopped promoting posts and creating marketing campaigns on Facebook since then. If you have not already done so, create a Facebook Page and learn how to use their marketing tools with their online training program called Blueprint; you will set yourself in a path to grow your business, really fast. Holy Dinah!

pic credit:

Wonder Women of Cache Creek Feeding Firefighters


I was fortunate to interview Sue Peters, one of the women who stayed behind in Cache Creek to help feed the firefighters.  They have been dubbed as "Wonder Women," for their amazing efforts.  

Some of the other women include:  Christine Elliot, Shelby Doerksen, Donna Brezina & master of the Kitchen, Gennine Fitzgerald.  



Koksilah Music Festival.jpeg

Celebrating art, activism, and Indigenous Resurgence.  A fundraiser for the Unist'ot'en Camp, Lelu Island, and Xwaaqw'um at Providence Farm, Cowichan Valley, on unceded Quw'utsun Territory.  

It will be held on September 8 -10, 2017


Performances and Workshops will be featured:

Mob Bounce - Old.Soul.Rebel - Snotty Nose Rez Kids - DJ Kookum - Scott Dunbar - Tzinquaw Dancers - The Honey Tongues - See Monsters - c o z y - Rick Buckman Coe - Vic Horvath - Valeen Jules - Just - Elder Sister Plum - Uschi Tala - Fiver Staggers and Jaggs - Find Mutya - Meg C - Hannah Epperson

For Tickets and More Info, please visit:


Carolyn Mark, Twin Peaks, Kitty and the Rooster, and Supermoon

Carolyn Mark, Twin Peaks, and Kitty and the Rooster are teaming up again for another great concert at the Legion, this time with pop band Supermoon.

Carolyn Mark is a straightforward Canadian songwriter who captivates audiences with her brassy sound and bold lyrics. She has made a name for herself over the last seven year with 5 successful album releases.

Twin Peaks is a Western Canadian Music Award winning roots duo. . Their harmonies and hooks are as magnetic, bold and welcoming as the atmosphere their live show emanates. Their shows are always a memorable one.

Kitty & The Rooster is a rock n' roll duo from Vancouver, BC featuring a cocktail kit and guitar that always gets the crowd moving. They are known for their surf-tastic hooks, clever lyrics, and ridiculously fun shows.

Supermoon is a scrappy fuzz pop band from Vancouver, BC that now have two awesome albums out.

These bands are coming together on August 17th at 8pm, and more info click HERE

Pacific Western Brewing Open House

Pacific Western Brewing has been brewing great beer for 60 years, so its time to celebrate! On August 12th everyone, of all ages, can head to the brewery to learn about the brewing process and enjoy some live entertainment.

You also can taste PWB's wide variety of products, enjoy a free BBQ lunch, and join in on some fun activities. 

The event is going on from 11:30am- 2:30pm and for more info on the event or on PWB head to:





This Week's Top Wikipedia Edits: Artswells Should be Listed on Wikipedia -Callout to Wikipedia Editors

This episode showcases mostly experimental artists who played at Artswells 2017 in Wells, BC.

According to Wikipedia:
- David Bowie, Jim Morrison, and Jimmy Page are listed on Wikipedia's list of occultists
- The Avocado Green Mattress was founded in 2017 by Jeff and Alexander D'Andrea. "Concerned with off-gassing, they wanted a mattress made without petroleum-based polyurethane foams and harsh industrial chemicals that also did not greenwash their product to promote sales. Because they could not find a suitable product, they started Avocado Green Mattress"
- Paul Galvin "created the name Motorola by linking 'motor' with 'ola,' which was a popular ending for many companies at the time, e.g. Moviola, Crayola"

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Danielle Knibbe Tour

Danielle Knibbe is a Toronto based singer-songwriter whose music is a beautiful mix of folk , roots, and country. She recently released her debut full length album, Some Curious Birds and will soon be heading out to tour Western Canada with it.

Her keen sense of melody draws comparisons to artists such Basia Bulat, Brandi Carlile, and Sarah Harmer, and the stories she tells immediately create a sense of intimacy. She is also joined by Byn Besse and Connor Walsh who provide harmonies, guitar and upright bass to her music.

She will be stopping in to perform at Nancy O's on Sept 5th but until then you can check out some of her tunes here:


Gabriel Palatchi at the Legion

Gabriel Palatchi.jpg

The Legion will be filled with a mix of tango, funk, klezmer, gypsy, reggae, samba and electronic with the Gabriel Palatchi Trio on August 9th.

Gabriel Palatchi is a triple-threat global musician whose latest recording, Trivolution, was selected as a Gold Medal Winner in the Composer/Album categories and on the Top Ten 2015 of the Global Music Awards. He also has collaborated with some of Latin America’s finest musicians who share a commitment to keeping folklore dynamic.

For the last 8 years the Gabriel Palatchi, along with Chema Gonzalez from Mexico, and Canadian Kerry Galloway, has toured throughout Argentina, Mexico, Canada and Europe performing at important venues and international music festivals.

Doors open at 7:30 and the show starts at 8:30 for this performance that will keep you on your feet. 



Homestead Days

On August 6th or 7th take a drive out of the 'hustle and bustle' of the city and travel back in time with Huble Homested. Homestead Days is coming up, and this pioneer event is so chock full of old-fashioned activities that it takes place over two days! 

Enjoy heritage demonstrations such as ice cream and butter making, take part in games and races for different age groups, and cheer on the brave souls willing to participate in the eating contests! Bring a lunch, or bid on the homemade lunches in the Box Lunch Social – don’t worry, the BBQ will also be running if you get outbid! Kick back and enjoy local music, learn more about the site with a guided tour, or whip up a craft to take home in the barn!

Click HERE to find out more info.

BC Day in the Park

BC Day is celebrated every year by holding a free event for children of all ages at Lheidli T'enneh Park, and this year is no different.

On August 7th,  the park will be celebrating Canada's 150 with free hot dogs, popcorn, and snow-cones for everyone who attends. 

This event is sponsored by the Prince George Knights Society and they will have a Grand Prize draw for a truck and travel trailer. As well kids get free goodie bags and get to test their skill at the free carnival games, and much more!

Check it out from noon to 4pm!