2018 Grad Student Levy

On April 4th and 5th Grad Students of UNBC will get the chance to vote on a Levy, via email, that would bring in a $10 media subscription fee. $5 would go to CFUR Radio, and the other $5 would go to Over the Edge, the campus newspaper. 

We need the levy to engage and support the grad students of UNBC. With this levy we can increase both opportunities for grad students and coverage on grad events and organizations.

For more information on what CFUR and OTE can do with the levy read on.



The Levy would Not only strengthen our positions as legitimate media organizations, but also bolster a healthy campus culture by promoting existing initiatives and organizations. in addition to allowing us to participate in these events (along with creating our own) and socialize the faculty and student body.

What can CFUR and OTe do for Grad students with this levy?

Waive manual fees for Grad Students... participating students would save $5 yearly

Build relationships further afield with other institutions and media outlets, sharing information and increasing UNBC student's access to media resources from around the globe

 UNBC does not offer any academic options to explore communication, journalism, or media. We have been taking on this role and providing opportunities to those who would like them included in their university experience. An increasing amount of Grad students are working to hone their skills in this area within our organizations. Together we are the journalism class of UNBC

Give more focus and attention to grad  specific topics, like the GSS

In the last year CFUR has signed on three Political Science interns to participate in the Newsroom, who actively use the station as a learning tool. More intern opportunities could arise for Grad students

Hold UNBC Staff & Administration accountable through exposure

Provide free advertising for clubs and initiatives supported by Grad Students

Allow opportunities for grad students to use our services for assignments

Provide work opportunities, like CFUR’s Newsroom Coordinator who is currently a Grad Student, in media fields

Train students in Social Media savviness

Grad Student Testimonials:

Some of our UNBC Media Alumni

The following people have either successfully pursued a career in Media and have served on our board, developed their skills at our organizations, and/or been integral volunteers:

  • Christina doll

  • Dan Johnson

  • Andrew Kurjata

  • 99.3 The Drive’s JD

  • Reza Akbari

  • Hillary Morgan

  • Cori Ramsay

  • jordan Tucker

Grad students are a huge part of UNBC and we want to include them in our media organizations.  If you are a grad student who wants to support, be involved in, or even just enjoy our services: vote yes.