some people are just... artists...

Chad VanGaalen


Calgary may not be B.C.'s favourite city to the West, but we can credit it with at least one musical entity: the genius that is Chad VanGaalen. With seven albums to date, arguing against his stature as an established musician loses all credibility. By one means or another, he's seen the world on accord of his artistry. Well travelled for a reason, his performances leave an impression. As if that wasn't enough, just enough to let him just be a musician, he had a desire to score the soundtrack to sci-fi film. When no one cared to let him do this, he simply made his own. Check out the animation this man is capable of ↓

Unreal! Or surreal? After that, I can only assume "Tarboz," couldn't do anything but amaze. It appears CVG has rejected what we normally accept in our routine lives, demanded a change, and seen to it himself. Congrats CVG, you're awesome!