Today's Top Wikipedia Edits: Police Stop Drivers for their Behaviour, Not for the Colour of their Cars

According to Wikipedia:

  • "In August 2017, Birmingham Mayor William A. Bell ordered the [Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument] covered in plastic and surrounded by plywood, acknowledging state law prohibits removing it, but arguing the law does not prohibit covering it up.... The Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall sued the Mayor and the City over the action."
  • "The socialist magazine Jacobin pointed out that [architect Frank] Gehry's work can be summed up as architecture for the super-wealthy, in the sense that it is expensive, not resourceful, and does not serve the interests of the overwhelming majority. The article criticized Gehry's statement that 'In the world we live in, 98 percent of what gets built is pure shit.'"
  • "It is common belief in the United States that red cars are stopped for speeding more often than other colour cars. However, there is no statistical evidence that this is true. Many police department have denied it, saying their officers stop drivers for their behaviour, not the colour of their cars."
  • "Moisture and heat can cause baking powder to lose its effectiveness over time, and commercial varieties have a somewhat arbitrary expiration date printed on the container. Regardless of the expiration date, the effectiveness can be tested by placing a teaspoon of the powder into a small container of hot water. If it bubbles vigorously, it is still active and usable."
  • "A pea galaxy, also referred to as a Pea or Green Pea, might be a type of Luminous Blue Compact Galaxy which is undergoing very high rates of star formation.... Only five Green Peas (GPs) had been imaged by the Hubble Space Telescope."

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