Today's Top Wikipedia Edits: Bikinis Replaced with Athletic Wear for Miss Teen USA Pageant

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According to Wikipedia:

  • "It has been suggested that the opening of the Arctic Ocean to commercial traffic could result in exposure of humans to yet unknown pathogenic vectors"
  • "In 2002, a female high school vice principal in San Diego, California, physically checked up to 100 female students' underwear as they entered the school for a dance, with or without student permission, causing an uproar among students and some parents and eliciting an investigation by the school.... In her defense, the vice principal said the checks were for student safety and not specifically because of the wearing of thongs"
  • For Miss Teen USA, bikinis were banned in 1983, then allowed in 1997. In 2000, "tankinis were provided as an option for the first (and only) time," and in 2016, "bikini competition was removed and replaced with athletic wear." In 1951, "Pope Pius XII condemned the crowning [of Miss World] as sinful [due to the inclusion of a bikini round]"
  • Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman, Bono, Lewis Hamilton, and Madonna are listed in the Paradise Papers

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