Ether in the Attic - Episode #152: A Sea of Peaks - 20171206


King of Hubcaps. The Rolls Royce. Good enough to serve cheese from.

Nothing is perfect, nothing at all. So why should audio be? In Garage music, some audio intentionally peaks, or "clips" creating distortion. It's a fun tool to play with. When done artfully or creatively it can produce some pleasurable effects. At times though, it is not intentional, and it doesn't take an expert listener to pick up on clumsy use of distortion, or lack there of. So what is this "peaking" you speak of Hubcap? Well, peaking is a form of waveform distortion that occurs when an amplifier is overdriven and attempts to deliver an output voltage or current beyond its maximum capability. Driving an amplifier into clipping/peaking may cause it to output power in excess of its power rating. The God, Link Wray was known to make use of this technique and also cut slits into the paper cone of his amp to deliver a rattle on top of that distortion. Have a listen to this week's episode and see if you catch any. you may enjoy it more than you know.

This week's country couplet: The Dead South - Banjo Odyssey & Tall Tales & The Silver Lining - Boulder to Birmingham

Pic Credit: Artist, Guy Crittenden

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