Today's Top Wikipedia Edits: Working Rats have Mid-Life Crises Too

According to Wikipedia: 

  1. "A supervolcano is a volcano which has erupted more than 10(15)kg of ejecta."
  2. "Tasks for working rats include the sniffing of gunpowder residue, demining, acting, and animal-assisted therapy."
  3. "Repetitively stacking or lining up objects is associated with autism. What? You do realize you're calling anyone who's ever neatly compiled anything autistic, right?"
  4. "In 1999, Philip Morris ran a series of full-page advertisements in news magazines, which were aimed at parents and conveyed the 'forbidden fruit' message. They featured a bowl of fruit or a glass of milk with cookies and then had the questions, 'What else are you leaving for your kids?' and 'What else is within your kids' reach?'"

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