CFURadio Youth Academy Finishes

CFURadio Youth Academy 2017, after three awesome radio camps, is officially over!

Each of the 2 week programs allowed youths age 12-17 to learn the art of radio and, at the end, create their own show! Their show topics may have ranged from debating the act of putting pineapple on pizza to serious issues that face teenagers... but one thing was consistent across the board: each camper had learned so many new skills and they all had become quite talented radio hosts.

They were all able to run their shows by themselves, not to mention the many IDs, PSAs, sound FXs, and interviews they created leading up to show day. Both camp counselors agree that the Academy was an incredibly great, and fun, experience to watch the kids learn and grow over the 2 short weeks they got to spend with them.

Of course a huge thank you to the grants from Radiometres and Canada Summer Jobs along with our Big Thaw Sponsors: Chernoff Thompson Architects, Digital Umbrella Creative, Sound Factory, and Team Powerhouse Realty. Without this support, camp would not have been possible.

CFUR looks forward to next year, and what that camp may bring