Today's Top Wikipedia Edits: Neopalpa donaldtrumpi and Tetragramma donaldtrumpi, Species Named After You-Know-Who

According to Wikipedia:

  • Fast-and-frugal trees are a "type of decision tree.... The fast-and-frugal tree establishes a ranking and, according to the ranking, a 'topology' of the tree"
  • List of species named after Donald Trump: "neopalpa donaldtrumpi, a species of micro-moth...with distinctive yellowish-white scales covering the head in adults [and]... tetragramma donaldtrumpi, a species of fossil sea urchin"
  • "This is a list of present and extant earls in the Peerages of...the United Kingdom. Note that it does not include extant earldoms which have become merged (either through marriage or elevation) with marquessates or dukedoms and are today only seen as subsidiary titles"

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