Today's Top Wikipedia Edits: Women Tend to View Wikipedia Editors as Male

According to Wikipedia:

  • "A 2017 study found that women participating in an experiment by editing a Wikipedia-like site tended to view other editors as male, and to view their responses as more critical than if the other editor was gender-neutral.... Surveys have indicated that between 8.5-16 percent of Wikipedia editors are female...[which] may be in line with other public thought-leadership forums"
  • Lolita fashion is "a cross between Alice in Wonderland and the Addams Family, whose influences include Victorian children's wear, the French Rococo period, goth-inspired darkness and Japanese anime." Substyles of lolita fashion include: sweet lolita, bittersweet lolita, Country lolita, sailor lolita, and pirate lolita"
  • "The saltwater perch is also known as 'touch-me-stripes' and was named such by a group of young children who caught this fish and didn't recognize it. They hope the name will catch on"
  • The short-lived Free Soil Party grew out the Democrat Party and eventually morphed into the Republican Party