This Week's Top Wikipedia Edits: Show Homes can be Built and Sold like any Other House

According to Wikipedia:

  • "The aluminum air battery was invented in 1989 in the city of Montario" 
  • "The original grandfather clauses were contained in new state constitutions and Jim Crow laws passed by white-dominated state legislatures from 1890 to 1908 in most of the Southern United States to restrict voter rolls and effectively prevent African Americans, Mexican Americans, and poor white people from voting.... White Democrats developed statutes and passed new constitutions creating restrictive voter registration rules. Examples included the imposition of poll taxes and residency and literacy tests.... The term 'grandfather clause' arose from the fact that the laws tied the then-current generation's voting rights to those of their grandfathers"
  • People go to school and learn the alphabet, so "why did you even need to make the alphabet on this crappy encyclopedia if you can just go ask a random teacher and learn it?"
  • "Show homes are often built in such a way that they can be sold like any other house, and as such are connected to electrical and telephone cables and have functioning water systems"

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