Dr. Ben McKay's Interview on CFUR: Food Sovereignty and Neo-Extractivism

Dr. Ben McKay sat down in the CFUR, 88.7 FM, studios to talk with Sara Wray Enns about his Global Friday Lecture Food Sovereignty and Neo-Extractivism: Limits and possibilities of an Alternative Development Model in Latin America. The conversation included an understanding of what the concepts of food sovereignty and neo-extractivism are, why they matter in economic development, and what can be learned from agricultural extractivism in Latin America.

Here is the interview that aired on CFUR.

The full lecture happened on October 12th 2018 and you can head to the Global Friday’s website to see the lecture in full: https://www.unbc.ca/events/48472/food-sovereignty-and-neo-extractivism-limits-and-possibilities-convergences-and-contradictions