Blocktreat - Cariboo BC Artist Releases New Video

Blocktreat's second live music video, shot on the Traditional Territory of the Secwempemc Nation (Williams Lake BC)

From the Artist, "This song is about a friend who opened up about some pretty huge personal issues, then apparently thought twice about it and retreated from our whole social scene. I see her around town sometimes, and it's pretty tragic to imagine her slogging away in total isolation. I wanted to write a song depicting the image I have of her in my mind -- of this badass individual trying to sort her shit out. And I hope she knows that her buds are here for her whenever she needs."

Alpha by Blocktreat (Brandon Hoffman)

Brandon Hoffman - synths / samplers / vocals

Evan Catalano - Drums

Brent Morton - Guitar

Shot by Rick Magnell

Editing by Nik Tsonis

Copyright 2018 Brandon Hoffman.