Not all Heroes wear Capes! Matt & Mark wear backpacks!

"Even in complete darkness, you will always have your ancestors watching you." -Matthew's Uncle Pat

Matthew Jefferson is a man walking across Canada to raise awareness for the the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.  He is also walking with Mark Vigers who is a photographer from Edinburgh, UK.  You can follow them on their incredible journey on FB, the page is called "The Walk to Remember." You may follow Mark's Instagram @vigersm

The interview discusses Matt's goal to set across Canada in the next 9 and half months. Matt and Mark are walking to bring change to how Indigenous people are being treated altogether.   After the interview, Candice George and her mother Yvonne George honour Matt with the bear song called, "Sus Yaz" that honours Matt's father's clan Gitum'den (Bear/Wolf clan). (She also sang him a Caribou song after to honour Matt's mother's clan, Lhiktsamis'yu (Caribou/Fireweed)).

Added Mob Bounce's "Starseed," from their album, Mob Medicine which is available on Bandcamp and Itunes.