Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra & High Quadra Ramblers

Will be in PG and will be performing at Nancy O's on Tuesday August 7th at 8 PM!!

About Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra:

The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra is a band based from Victoria, BC. They have several albums out, such as: "We Make Really Party" (2017), "LOVE" (2015) and "Follow my lead, lead me to follow" and more! The Tequila Mockingbird is a folk, roots band which you can follow on FB, Twitter, Instagram or their website:  www.ttmo.ca

About The High Quadra Ramblers: 

The High Quadra Ramblers are a duo creating their own interpretation of traditional music - fusing oldtime with classical, metis, bluegrass and more. Hailing from the East Coast and the West Coast, these ramblers bring both sides of the continent together for the love of traditional music. 

You can find the High Quadra Ramblers on Bandcamp!