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Welcome Ghostly Hounds and Old Time Honey! Find them at Nancy O's in Prince George!
Cover is $7 at the door and Show starts at 8:30 sharp on Thursday August 2nd! 

Ghostly Hounds combines strings, horns and powerful vocals to create a dark, jazzy sound. Currently based out of Montréal and often on the road, the band's members hail from British Columbia, Ontario, Québec, and Massachusetts. Ghostly Hounds self-produced their debut demos in November 2015, only a month after beginning to play together. They have toured Canada coast to coast, playing well over 100 shows from PEI to Vancouver Island. On June 5th, 2017 Ghostly Hounds released their debut full length album "Creature". 

You can find Ghostly Hounds on FB, Instagram, Twitter (@francescadoust), Bandcamp

Old Time Honey - From the vibrant streets of Montreal to the big top circus, Old Time Honey seamlessly blend the sounds of old time, tin pan alley, and cabaret to create a very festive atmosphere with a theatrical touch. Played on hand made a washboard, banjo, piano, fiddle, upright bass, and tied together with hauntingly memorable vocal harmonies, these performers are as much fun to watch as to listen to! 

You Can Find Old Time Honey on FB, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Bandcamp and Soundcloud!