Wax Mannequin and Sarah Beatty!


Nancy O's

 on Wednesday August 8th @ 8:30 PM!!!

$10 Cover

Listen carefully to Wax Mannequin whose songs are dark and thoughtful at times, pounding and ridiculous at others...or all of these things at once. A careful craftsman, but far from precious, he is a bar-room philosopher in the most vile, endearing and unforgettable sense of the term. He prepares to release his 7th full length and will continue indefinitely to carve a deep, indelible groove across the face the modern music underground. 
You can find Wax Mannequin on his webpage, waxmannequin.com or on FB, twitter or Instagram. Wax Mannequin's music is available on Bandcamp, ITunes or Youtube. 

Sarah Beatty is a Canadian Song-writer and singer.  Beatty sings folk, roots, acoustic music and is from Hamilton, Ontario.  You can find more about Sarah Beatty on her website: www.sarahbeatty.ca. You can also find her on FB, Twitter and Instagram.  Her music can be found on Youtube, Bandcamp and Itunes. 🎶