CFURadio Youth Academy

CFURadio Youth Academy is accepting applications for the 3rd session of Radio Camp!       

The 3rd Session is from July 16th - July 27th, 2018


The Youth Academy is for youth from 14-18 and CFURadio teaches youth how to broadcast a show on the radio. The Radio Camp is a 10 day (July 16th - 27th, 2018) with 3-hour sessions/day that teaches students how to record and edit content. Radio Campers get the opportunity to be on CFURadio live!  Radio Campers learn the skills necessary to become a broadcaster such as interviewing others, making public service announcements or group ID's. Radio camp is the perfect opportunity for students who dream of hosting a show. 

For More Info or to check for availability, you can check the link "Youth Academy" or stop by the CFUR office for an application.