Best Of Reciprocity Shelf - 15 Sept 2015

Yo! I hope you know what the share shelf is at UNBC, your centre for reciprocity: Reciprocate!

It's on the third floor of the NUGSS building at UNBC. The idea is, you have some USEFUL that you no longer need. Instead of trashing it. Stick it on the shelf so your fellow humans in arms can continue to use it ;)

Here is the BEST of the reciprocity shelf this week. If you're a dirtbag like me, you're gonna love this! If you like to make fun of people from a distance, stay tuned for best & WORST of the reciprocity shelf in the future :D

Bestie #1

Strain it!

A tea strainer with a screen on it and a plunger thing. WHAAAAT! Baby it's gettin' cold outside and this sucker will heat-you-up!

Bestie #2


Love it or hate it, snow is on its way. Snap this one up before it's toooo late. Picture yourself cruising down the snow plow pile and into the wildest half of the rest of your life!