C.R. Avery and Eliza Mary Doyle at the Legion


C.R. Avery

On October 22nd, C.R. Avery travelled through space and time to close out his West Coast tour at the Legion, branch 43.

Backed by four musicians who brought with them a tight understanding of tried and true folk tunes and original songs alike.

Each song, whether formerly heard or not, was brought into a new understanding of what it means to truly perform a song that has been kicking around the folk world for ages and to craft one’s own work into a composition that fits it like a well built cabin in the woods would a hermit.

Eliza Mary Doyle, a supreme Saskatchewan banjo picker also took the stage as the opening act. A three piece harmonious experience with a pumped up vibe that kicked off the night.

While talking with C.R. Avery between sets, he expressed that he aims to find a new home for a song by experimenting with genres and styles. In short, to not bore and not to be bored. The night was visually stimulating with various lights being consciously chosen for segments of songs and a theatrical demeanour that occurs when you’ve got a musician who is also a performer. Not to mention the fantastic pre-recorded samples being played alongside live performance and futuristic harmonica beat-boxing that sounds like ocean, trains and all of these other things you don’t always get to hear from the short harp.

So you missed out this last weekend but want to see what the Legion has to offer next? Don’t worry, Mad Loon Entertainment and CFUR have got you covered. On Friday, October 28th there’s a hallowe’en show featuring Blackberry Wood and High Society.

Adam Farnsworth who was on keys and Chelsea Johnson who played bass, tambo and sang with C.R. Avery are both in High Society. While speaking with Chelsea, I learned she has a background in theatre that manifests itself somehow in every band she’s in. This coupled with the infamous Blackberry Wood means you best put on some kind of costume and get out there!