Care Failure of Die Mannequin - LIVE @ CFUR Mar 31st

Okay, it's Tuesday, you work the next morning, you go to class the next morning, you must generally wake up and be responsible the next morning.


Die Mannequin, Marilyn Manson, and Deap Vally stand to blow the roof off the CN Centre Tuesday night @ 7:00 PM. That sounds like a much better idea than waking up well rested. (There are still a few tickets left too!)

Tune in to CFUR 88.7 FM @ 3:15 pm to hear a Live Performance from Care Failure herself!


Both Marilyn Manson, Die Mannequin, & Deap Vally dropped new albums in recent history and the best part is, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM HAS BEEN REALLY FREAKIN' GOOD! Seriously check the reviews. If you miss this show, you will have effectively reduced your overall quality of life, forever.

 Deap Vally know how to kick out the jams.

 The Pale Emperor's reign continues...

That's not him in the above video though ;P