Cariboo Calling - A Spoken Word Event - Tues, January 14th


Gil Scott Heron - Revolutionary Poet

Head down to Cariboo Calling, a Spoken Word event, at Alfredo’s Pub on Tuesday, January 14th @ 8p.m.  A recording of the microphone’s amplifications will be recorded and subsequently broadcast on CFUR 88.7 FM. If you have some material you want to radiate upon the world at large, or to the localized area of Prince George, the opportunity awaits you at Alfredo’s!

Don’t let New York's  bohemians and hipsters have all the fun. Let’s get to it and bring on the poems, the collaboration, the improvisation, and the beer. Alfredo’s offers specials by the way… The continuation of this Spoken Word night depends upon attendance. If you want to reinforce the presence of Poetry, Arts, Standup, and independent thought in Prince George, come out and enjoy the scene. The best way to enhance the quality and amount of performance, performance opportunities, and the avant-garde in general, is to attend and participate. With that in mind, please feel free to join us for the evening and get the poetic ball rolling.


Don’t have a car, or don’t want to drive? The busses come right to Alfredo’s! The 15 stops in front, the 17 & 18 turn up the corner on Foothills & University Way, the 1, 11, 5 & 55 stop within a stone’s throw, and the 46, 47, 88 & 89 all stop a 15 min walk distance down 15th Ave. Sorry 91, 12, & 16, a transfer is in your future. It’s also located in an extremely flat, bicycle friendly, part of town.

Please pass the word on to any Poets, Spoken Word Artists, or aficionados you know. If you would like more information, or to receive updates about future Spoken Word events, email me at and ask to be put on the Spoken Word Mailing List.