Due North Story - People's Party of Canada - 20181214

Maxime Bernier was a Member of Parliament of the Conservative Party of Canada, but following some controversies and other disagreements, has decided to leave the Conservative Party and start his own party, the People’s Party of Canada.

In June, Maxime was removed from the Conservative Party’s Shadow Cabinet. This was following some disagreements with the ranks of the CPC in regards to supply management. An anonymous Convervative MP said the reason for the removal was because of Maxime republishing a chapter from his book regarding supply management, which also accused Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer of having won the leadership because of “fake Conservatives” that joined for the purpose of protecting supply management. This controversy also raises the important issue of party discipline and its resulting implications.

Shortly after Maxime announced his departure from the Conservative Party, there was some controversy at the Conservative national conference in Halifax. A Dairy Farmers of Canada briefing book was leaked, detailing their plans for how to proceed in some given scenarios regarding motions on supply management. Notable was their “Safety Net”, which said that Andrew Scheer’s power as leader can prevent a policy against supply management, and that Andrew would be willing to use it to protect supply management. Both Andrew’s office and DFC say the info put into the book was false, but it nevertheless generated speculation. There is also some interest in being able to see the booklet, otherwise.

Supply management is a common theme. What is the PPC’s stance on it? How important is it?

When Maxime announced his departure from the Conservative Party, causing some more controversy. Maxime accused the party of being “too intellectually and morally bankrupt to be reformed”, and many Conservatives accused him of seeking to divide conservatives, or even help Justin Trudeau win next election. Is vote splitting a concern?

The potential appeal to Prince George citizens and university students, as well as possible broader value of the existence of this new party are also discussed.


Due North: Scott Smith - President of Cariboo-PG EDA - People's Party of Canada - 20181118

Scott Smith, the President of the Cariboo-PG EDA and Regional Organizer for Northern BC for the People's Party of Canada, joins Due North for an interview! Topics discussed include what the party stands for, issues with the Conservative Party of Canada, what the PPC can do for Prince George, and more!

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Learn, Contribute, and Build Skills at Maker Lab Prince George


Have you ever been to Maker Lab? It happens every Thursday evening from 5-9PM at Two Rivers Gallery! Listen in as Roanne Witticase, Coordinator for Maker Lab Prince George, fills us in on what a Maker Lab is, how anyone can take part, and dishes some exciting news about upcoming projects and events within Maker Lab![mixcloud width=100% height=120 hide_cover=1 light=1]

Neighbourhood Time Exchange Resident Artist, Frances Gobbi


Frances Gobbi is the current artist-in-residence at Neighbourhood Time Exchange Downtown PG. Here, she speaks with Britt AM about her residency and project, and other facets of her career.[mixcloud width=100% height=120 hide_cover=1 light=1]

Students, Come Work With Us This Summer!


Are you a student who will be entering into, or returning to post-secondary education, come September? Well, then you are eligible to come work with us at CFUR this Summer! Click the links below for more information on the following student employment positions:

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UNBC researcher finds more health benefits of Vitamin D


Due North sat down with Dr. Jacqueline Pettersen a cognitive neurologist at the University of Northern British Columbia, and learned all about studies involving Vitamin D. According to Dr. Pettersen, people are not getting enough Vitamin D these days. This problem is especially bad here in northern communities like Prince George. The lack of Vitamin D can  affect brain function and bone development. Dr. Pettersen told CFUR that an increase in the intake of Vitamin D can help improve certain aspects of memory. Especially in the long winter months here in Prince George. Check out our interview and learn more.

Interview with Dr. Jacqueline Pettersen

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UNBC students brave weather to raise money for homelessness


You may of noticed a group of students sleeping outside at UNBC. This may of made you think, what in the world are they doing? Well, these students are part of a national campaign known as 5 Days for the Homeless. The group at UNBC is raising money for the local society, Community Partners Addressing Homelessness. We reached out to Bridget Russell to find out more about 5 Days and how people can support them.  

Interview with Bridget Russell


If you want to support the UNBC you can donate to them by checking out their page on the 5 days for the homeless national page.