CFURadio Youth Academy - Tuning in on July 2nd!

Good Afternoon! 

CFURadio is very excited to announce their 4th annual Youth Academy!!! This camp for youth aged within 14-18 aims to teach teens about podcasting, radio, and media. It is a great summertime opportunity to spend time with positive adult mentors and get adjusted to the world of media!

The camp will run from July 2nd - August 23rd. We're taking registrants now.

Please see the attached press release for more info.

For details contact either:

Kate Partridge: cfur_hello@cfur.ca  -  Community Outreach Coordinator

Ian Gregg: stationmanager@cfur.ca  -  Station Manager

Website: www.cfur.ca

Facebook: www.facebook.com/CFURfm

Thank you! 

Learn, Contribute, and Build Skills at Maker Lab Prince George


Have you ever been to Maker Lab? It happens every Thursday evening from 5-9PM at Two Rivers Gallery! Listen in as Roanne Witticase, Coordinator for Maker Lab Prince George, fills us in on what a Maker Lab is, how anyone can take part, and dishes some exciting news about upcoming projects and events within Maker Lab![mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/britt-meierhofer/interview-with-maker-lab-coordinator-roanne-witticase/ width=100% height=120 hide_cover=1 light=1]

Students, Come Work With Us This Summer!


Are you a student who will be entering into, or returning to post-secondary education, come September? Well, then you are eligible to come work with us at CFUR this Summer! Click the links below for more information on the following student employment positions:

Aboriginal Spoken Word Producer:
Technology Officer:
Web Content Coordinator: 
Radio Camp Counsellor:
Community Outreach Coordinator: 
Fund Development Coordinator:
Local News Reporter:
Newsroom Coordinator:
Music Library Assistant:

This Is Britt A.M., Episode 47, Black History Month and Black Lives Matter


February was Black History Month, and on this first day of March, I hope to continue the conversation of the importance of racial equality and black presence, history, and experience in our society past the month of February. I hope to present today’s tracks, and a Ted Talks interview with the founders of Black Lives Matter, from a place of support and solidarity, with acknowledgement of my privilege as a white person.  

 [mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/britt-meierhofer/this-is-britt-am-episode-47-black-history-month-and-black-lives-matter/ width=100% height=120 hide_cover=1 light=1]


Disability Insurance as a Financial Strategy


We talked to Kevin Plouffe of MPY Financial Strategies here in Prince George to discuss how insurance can actually be used as a financial strategy. Good to know if you're striking it out on your own, you've finished school, starting a new business, are in the work force, or heading into the work force. Whatever industry you're in or headed towards, there is likely a risk associated with it. The opportunity to learn how to mitigate it is here.#howtohedgeyourbets!

You can catch a free seminar on the topic on March 6th @ UNBC's Senate Chambers 1-3 pm @ CNC's Rm 1306 4-6 pm It's open to the public, questions are welcome, with snacks and refreshments provided.

Email or call Wendie to register: wendie@mpyfs.com 250-563-1212



CFUR Presents: A Current Events Internship!


Need 3.0 credits?

Going into 4th year POLS or ENGL?

Have an interest in RADIO?

Check, Check, Check?

An internship is available:


-No matter what end of the political spectrum you align with, your efforts are valuable to us.

-get on-the-job media experience

-valuable expereince to a number of professions

-learn how journalists think, whether you become one or end up talking to one in your career path.

-Aids in presentation confidence. Practice makes perfect.

-Flexible schedule, don’t have to broadcast LIVE all the time, we have ability to record news

-focus on local, buffered by provincial, national, international events


-email your CV to programming@cfur.ca


Coordinate interviews with handsome devils like this


-Volunteering, interning, puts you in line for employment

-professionals in CBC here in town, @ the Drive,

-Sports down south, it’s an open field up North

-Events Coordinators booking shows and making $ here in town

-You pay a student fee, take advantage of it

- + We have lots of fun parties. Work hard play hard