CFURadio Youth Academy - Tuning in on July 2nd!

Good Afternoon! 

CFURadio is very excited to announce their 4th annual Youth Academy!!! This camp for youth aged within 14-18 aims to teach teens about podcasting, radio, and media. It is a great summertime opportunity to spend time with positive adult mentors and get adjusted to the world of media!

The camp will run from July 2nd - August 23rd. We're taking registrants now.

Please see the attached press release for more info.

For details contact either:

Kate Partridge:  -  Community Outreach Coordinator

Ian Gregg:  -  Station Manager



Thank you! 

Today's Top Wikipedia Edits: Kapre is a filthy giant who smokes huge cigars and scares children

According to Wikipedia:

  • In Philippine mythology, "Kapre is a filthy giant who likes to smoke huge rolls of cigars, and hide within, and atop, large trees, particularly the Banyan and old acacia or mango trees. A Filipino bigfoot, it scares away little children who play"
  • As of December 11, 2017, Vladimir Putin is leading in the polls for the 2018 Russia Presidential election, at 68%
  • "Despite 'The Last Jedi' being critically well-received and an overwhelming box office success, fan reaction has not all been positive. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has the lowest user approval rating of any of the major films in the franchise; user review on IMDB as well as on Metacritic received a number of poor reviews from fans. Many fans have cited the film's overuse of jokes, general cheasiness [sic], plot holes, pacing, the ultimately unnecessary story line between Finn and Rose, changes in lore, and tonal and storytelling shifts from previous movies in the series"


This episode includes top songs/performances of 2017, featuring Dan Johnson, Drum and Bell Tower, Rachelle van Zanten, and Ora Cogan.

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Today's Top Wikipedia Edits: Which US Presidents Were Nicknamed Lord Dampnut, The Teflon President, Bam, and Slick Willie?

According to Wikipedia:

  • History through the lens of presidential nicknames: Donald Trump is nicknamed Lord Dampnut and The Donald. Barack Obama was nicknamed No Drama Obama and Bam. Bill Clinton was nicknamed Bubba, Slick Willie, The Comeback Kid, The First Black President, and The Big Dog. Ronald Reagan was nicknamed The Teflon President, and Richard Nixon Tricky Dick.
  • "The first law of holes, or the law of holes, is an adage which states that 'if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.' Digging a hole makes it deeper and therefore harder to get back out, which is used as a metaphor that when in an untenable position, it is best to stop carrying on and exacerbating the situation"
  • "The argument from poor design, also known as the dysteleological argument, is an argument against the existence of a creator God, based on the reasoning that an omnipotent and omnibenevolent God would not create organisms with the perceived suboptimal designs that can be seen in nature"
  • "Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson were portrayed by the US Mint on the 1925 Commemorative silver US half dollar, along with the words 'Stone Mountain'"
  • In the "list of fictional astronauts as imagined before the Space Age.... Miss Pickerell Goes to Mars (1951) [depicts a]...secret expedition to Mars. Haggerty is accidentally left behind on Earth due to Miss Pickerell unexpectedly boarding [the] rocket"

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Today's Top Wikipedia Edits: Pokémon Episode 38 Banned Due to its Danger to Health

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 9.58.20 AM.png

According to Wikipedia: 

  • List of Pokémon episodes removed from rotation: Episode 38, "Denno Senshi Porygon" was removed because it was claimed "to be dangerous to health. 20 minutes into the episode, there is a scene in which Pikachu stops some vaccine missiles with its Thunderbolt attack, resulting in a huge explosion that rapidly flashes red and blue lights.... [V]iewers started to complain of blurred vision, headaches, dizziness and nausea." Two episodes (19 and 23) were also "temporarily removed after the September 11 attacks for destruction of buildings, the name and/or weapons in the episode"
  • "In 1987, Marvel staged a mock wedding at Shea Stadium [in New York City] as a publicity stunt to promote the wedding issue of The Amazing Spider-Man"
  • The number 101 is "a Sexy prime since 107 and 113 are also prime, with which it makes a sexy prime triplet"
  • "The concepts of facial familiarity and similarity of people are of practical importance for criminologists due to the instances of wrongful convictions based on eyewitness testimony. In one case, a person spent 17 years behind bars persistently denying any involvement with the crime he was accused of. Eventually, he was released after a doppelganger sharing not only a striking resemblance, but also the same name, was located"
  • "Whey has a pH less than or equal to 5.1"
  • Kim Jong-su was "disqualified [from the 2008 Summer Olympics] for doping and stripped of both [his] medals"
  • The National Macaroni Manufacturers Association "is said to be the first organization to publish a recipe for [spaghetti with meatballs], in the 1920s"

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Today's Top Wikipedia Edits: Bikinis Replaced with Athletic Wear for Miss Teen USA Pageant

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 10.05.13 AM.png

According to Wikipedia:

  • "It has been suggested that the opening of the Arctic Ocean to commercial traffic could result in exposure of humans to yet unknown pathogenic vectors"
  • "In 2002, a female high school vice principal in San Diego, California, physically checked up to 100 female students' underwear as they entered the school for a dance, with or without student permission, causing an uproar among students and some parents and eliciting an investigation by the school.... In her defense, the vice principal said the checks were for student safety and not specifically because of the wearing of thongs"
  • For Miss Teen USA, bikinis were banned in 1983, then allowed in 1997. In 2000, "tankinis were provided as an option for the first (and only) time," and in 2016, "bikini competition was removed and replaced with athletic wear." In 1951, "Pope Pius XII condemned the crowning [of Miss World] as sinful [due to the inclusion of a bikini round]"
  • Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman, Bono, Lewis Hamilton, and Madonna are listed in the Paradise Papers

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This Week's Top Wikipedia Edits: Good King Wenceslas Eats Cheeseburgers

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 10.05.06 AM.png

According to Wikipedia: 

  • Timeline of Russian Interference in the 2016 US Presidential Elections: On November 1, 2017, "Facebook's general counsel, Colin Stretch, is scheduled to testify before the House and Senate intelligence committees on the social-media giant's role in the Russian election meddling"
  • "Good King Wenceslas eats cheeseburgers"
  • "In general, liberalism is complete and utter rubbish" 
  • Joseph Stalin: "In the US during the latter half of the 20th century, when Stalin's government was often compared with Hitler's, it was a common claim that Stalin's regime was responsible for the greater number of deaths. Subsequent research revealed that this was erroneous; while the Nazi regime killed approximately 11 million non-combatants, Stalin's deliberately killed about 6 million"
  • Book Censorship in the US: Banned Book Week is celebrated the last week of September

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