CFURadio Youth Academy


Thanks to a grants from the  Canadian Radio Fund of Canada, and Canadian Summer Jobs, CFUR 88.7 FM is holding its second annual Radio Camp for youths. Participating youth will be encouraged to learn the art of radio based story telling, reporting & entertainment along with important technical skills relating to production and editing. CFUR_YOUTH_ACADEMY


In this ever changing media landscape it is important for those who are interested in pursuing a future in this discipline to accumulate as many skills as possible and mentorship is key.

The hope of the camp is that participants will have a lot of fun and learn to work as a team. It’s all about making the opportunity available. Everybody has a passion. It might be bugs, track & field, drawing, string-theory, or it might be radio... You’ll never know unless you’re allowed to try! We make that possible in a safe environment.

The camp is open to youths ages 12-17 and will be running until July 28th. If you are interested in learning more about this summer's radio camp please visit alternatively you can reach CFUR station manager Ian Gregg at 250-960-5995.