Classic Canadian Rock Transcend The Air Waves

Transforming from a physical analogue signal into a digital fibre optic binary ZAP, Karl Wyssen & Garrett Perry are at it again! Shaw TV had the good common sense to look into what the Rockaholic duo were up to and found out about their scorchin' hot CD. Check it out ↓

Tune in to your local Shaw station (Channel 10) to check out what else Garrett & Karl are up to, or you can tune in Mondays 7-9pm / Fridays 7-9am for The Garrett & Karl Show 2000 on CFURadio-logo.jpg 88.7FM, or Classic Canadian Rock 1-2pm Saturdays / 7-8am Thursdays. Click on the links to get you directly into the recorded version of the dragon's lair.

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Come on up to the office to get your generously discounted $10.00 copy of "Classic Canadian Rock". Of course you could stop into 2nd Thoughts Records downtown, or the Aritsan Gift Shop at studio 2880 to nab one for your mother, brother, father, uncle, and twice dislocated cousin too.

Not convinced yet? Allow this to convince you↓

Well how about now?