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When I first was going to "Reggae Nite" (Downtown Top Rankin') I kept earing about this resident DJ called Queen Majesty. Growing up going to reggae parties, was very rare to see female selectors, so I was very excited to know who she was..and finally one day she came in and did an amazing roots session - every record she was playing was a killer. When I finally took some courage and approached her to DJ at one of my fairs, she turned out to be the sweetest person, and I then discovered the amazing hot sauce she produced..

Hi Erica, how are you?

Hi Lele! I'm well, thank you.

Where are you from originally?

I grew up in Buffalo, NY but I've lived in Brooklyn for about half my life.

When did you get into reggae?

When I was a teenager I heard Rocksteady and Ska and fell in love. I started collecting Jamaican music then and my collection grew chronologically, pretty much.

Did you go to Jamaica often? What's your favorite spot there?

I have been there a few times. One of the best times I had there was hanging out at Freedom Sounds Studio in Kingston with the late, great Bertram Brown. I got to meet a bunch of artists and eat, talk music and watch kung fu movies with them.

Name your 3 favorite reggae love songs.

Only three? Here they are...





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All CFUR DJs are available to play @ your wedding and festivities ;)