Disability Insurance as a Financial Strategy


We talked to Kevin Plouffe of MPY Financial Strategies here in Prince George to discuss how insurance can actually be used as a financial strategy. Good to know if you're striking it out on your own, you've finished school, starting a new business, are in the work force, or heading into the work force. Whatever industry you're in or headed towards, there is likely a risk associated with it. The opportunity to learn how to mitigate it is here.#howtohedgeyourbets!

You can catch a free seminar on the topic on March 6th @ UNBC's Senate Chambers 1-3 pm @ CNC's Rm 1306 4-6 pm It's open to the public, questions are welcome, with snacks and refreshments provided.

Email or call Wendie to register: wendie@mpyfs.com 250-563-1212