Eggs in Purgatory because it's November on Suppertime!


20151124_085242 This week on suppertime we cook a very simple yet satisfying meal. It can be a breakfast lunch or dinner or desert. And it's very good because it is November and people are busy and frantic and feeling hellish, yet so cold, and this quick one pot meal is warm and comforting.

Go ahead and jazz this sauce up. I like it super simple and garlicy with a small amount of spice but you just do what you want!

This recipe makes 4 poached eggs

1 can of whole or diced tomatoes

1/2 tsp or more ( go up by increments of 1/2 tsp for more spiceyness) of red pepper flakes

3 cloves of garlic, minced

4 eggs

mozza cheese

fresh basil

  • In a frying pan or pot, warm up about 2 tbsp of oil on low-medium heat
  • add garlic and chili flakes - over low heat, let these little buddies sizzle together
  • After about 5 minutes on low heat ( do not burn! ) add a can of tomatoes
  • add some salt and pepper
  • raise heat to about mediumish and let simmer for at least 15 minutes ( the longer the better)
  • raise heat to about medium high so the eggs don't drastically bring down the temperature
  • Once bubbling away on medium high, crack your eggs into the sauce
  • let bubble with the lid off for about 5 minutes
  • reduce heat to medium and put a lid over your eggs
  • depending how many eggs you are cooking, the times may vary. check back in about 5 minutes
  • once the eggs look close to your preferred doneness, add some slices of mozza or any cheese you have on top and put the lid back on to melt your cheese
  • top off with fresh basil and serve!
  • eat with toast! or for supper with noooodles! or desert, ice cream! just kidding

Listen to an Italian/hell/devil/fire/frantic inspired playlist!