Ether in The Attic - Episode #136: Ethereal Soup - 20160829


An ethereal soup, a bisque perhaps. A blend of absolute bitchin' fuzz, soul, rock & roll. We can't stop, we won't stop, and why should we? The Pack A.D. dropped a new album, dig it! Peter Bjorn and John are still doing their thing! Peaches remixed an album! Where is the new Bass Drum of Death Album? Who are the Mystery Lights? Was "Pissed Jeans" the only name  the band considered? All this and MORE... Fun Fact:

The members of Pissed Jeans all attended Nazareth High School and initially planned to use the name Unrequited Hard-On before settling on Pissed Jeans.[5] As Matt Korvette explains,

The idea was to start a different kinda Punk band focused on dead ended carnal cravings, sexual depression...that sort of thing. Mainly we just wanted to bludgeon the listener with dull, monotonous droning rock music that just sucks the energy out of you, the musical equivalent to watching a toilet flush.[5]

Source: Wikipedia :( [I know]


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