Get stoked for summer!

Student, EDM enthusiast ,and Cuban Exile (Internationally Known) Foster Schlienz is looking forward to Seasons. Apparently UNBC students couldn’t be happier with the recent warm weather. With the sun finally showing itself, winter jackets and heavy pants are being shed like it’s out of style, and the vitamin D must be going straight to some peoples heads because I saw some guy wearing shorts and a polo outside yesterday. Being from the south myself, I’m used to 4 months of rain, so this recent weather is much welcome. If you ever see me around UNBC, I usually have my headphones in listening to whatever the latest craze in EDM is (#SELFIE anyone?), and this got me thinking: what kind of music is best to listen to in the sun and prep us all for summer? Swedish Death Metal? Trap? Reggae? Here’s your answer:


I discovered this mix little over a week ago, and have had it on repeat since. If you want to daydream while trying to study in the library, throw this mix on. You’ll be swinging in a hammock on the beaches of Bali in no time, sipping on a coconut with a hot Balinese chick giving you a back massage. The hour long mix itself is a blend between Nu Disco, Blaze-Wave, and even a little bit of “Tropicool”.  If this doesn’t get you in the Frisbee throwing, surf’s up and tanning mood, I don’t know what will.

-Foster Schlienz, student, EDM enthusiast ,and Cuban Exile (Internationally Known),is looking forward to Seasons.