Good Burger Good Friday! Hallelujah it's Suppertime!

Err-Body get in the car we are going for burgs. This week on suppertime I decided to focus on the extra special extra Good Friday - don't be oppressed by the tyranny of regular Fridays and celebrate the weekend with meat patties.                                                   goodburg

For wicked burgers:

A big ol pile of meat, preferably ground up. For traditional burgs, I suggest regular ground beef.

1/4 white onion, chopped thinly

1 clove of garlic, minced

2 tbs ketchhup

1 tsp mustard

A bunch of shakes of Worcestershire sauce

Salt and Peppa

1 egg


CHEEzE - chunks of something like cheddar or mozza

  • Mix the above ingredients minus the cheese in a bowl
  • Take about 1/4 of cup of of meat in your hands to make a pattie
  • Put a chunk of cheese in the pattie
  • Cook now!! Top with even more cheese near the end of cooking


A cool Good Burger Playlist featuring songs from the motion picture soundtrack and other burgalicious rock songs.

All I want - 702

That's The Way (It's Goin Down) - Mint Condition

Man - The Presidents of the United States of America

Do Fries Go With That Shake? - George Clinton

Knee Deep - George Clinton

Down At McDonelzzz - Electric Six

Suburban Beverage - Real Estate ( Inverse palate cleanser)