Hallowe'en Hilarity @ The Thirsty Moose Pub - 8pm



TONIGHT AND TONIGHT ONLY: Russell Peters, Greg Giraldo, Joe Rogan, Patrice O'Neal, Stewart Francis, Amy Schumer, and Louis CK spewing one-liners and ensuing hilarity at The Thirsty Moose Pub!

Come see PG's finest (and funniest) pay homage to their favourite comedians for tonight's Hallowe'en Comedy Night Special.

LINE-UP ‣ Mwanasi Dilason Loongo as Russell Peters ‣ Jon White as Greg Giraldo ‣ Jonathon McMillan as Joe Rogan ‣ Brian Majore as Patrice O'Neal ‣ Mike McGuire as Stewart Francis ‣ Melanie Anderson as Amy Schumer ‣ Devon Flynn as Louis CK

$5 cover. 8pm-ish. Moose Special: BLTC for $9.25.


Post by Dara Campbell