Hang Over Sunday Pabulous Perogies

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Mmmm... Rogies

Ahh the blessed moment when you realize you can finally eat food without ralphing in your bed. That small window of time when your adrenaline kicks in and propels you to the kitchen. And when you get there, you betta make it worth it. Here is my favourite hangover meal, along with a playlist to normalize your wretched experience.

About 12 of your favourite perogies

4 strips of bacon

Half of on an onion

Half of a cabbage


  • Dice up your onions and bacon
  • Cute cabbage into thin, long strips
  • Over medium-ish heat, start frying bacon
  • Once some fat is rendered, add your onions
  • Stir for about 4ish minutes
  • Add cabbage
  • Turn down heat to med-low, slowly cook  the cabbage
  • In the meantime, boil your perogs
  • Once perogies are done, add to bacon and cabbage mixtures
  • Add some butter
  • Add some Salt and Peppa
  • EAT with Sour Cream


A Hangover Playlist:

Johnny Bond – Sick Sorry and Sober

Modest Mouse – The Good Times are Killing Me

Robyn – Don’t Fucking Tell Me What to Do

Spirit of the West – Home for a Rest

The Magnetic Fields – The Night You Can’t Remember

Bran Van 3000 – Drinking in LA ( Palate Cleanser)

Jason Collett – Hangover Days

The Kills – Goodnight Bad Morning

Peter, Paul and Mary – Gilgaraa Mountain (Whiskey in The Jar)

The Velvet Underground – Sunday Morning

Ox- Burnout

Young Governor- I’m a Mess

Lips and Limbs – Wacahatchee

Anywhere I Lay My Head – Tom Waits

Anywhere I Lay My Head – Anna Ternheim

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