This Week on "Suppertime"


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Low quality ingredients coming together to make something glorious is what lo-fi food is all about.

Chunks of hot dogs

Can of Beans

1 tbsp Ketchup

1 tsp Mustard

Hot Sauce – I use tobasco


Garlic Butter

Finely diced raw onion

- Fry up your chunks of hotdogs in a frying pan. I used 3 for 2 servings.

- Add a can of beans

- Heat up

- Add your mustard and ketchup and a few shakes of hot sauce

- Slop onto a buttered garlic bun

- Top off with onion


A lo-Fi playlist:

Beat Happening- You Turn Me On

Daniel Johnston – My Yoke is Heavy

Neutral Milk Hotel – Tuesday Moon

Free Pizza – Porty

Free Pizza – Come Close To Me

Free Pizza – Forward

Nervous Talk – Introductions

Women – Shaking Hand

Young Governor – Virginia Creeper

Black Lips – Bone Marrow

High Heels Lo Fi – You Can’t Loose With Booze

First Base – I’m a Stranger

Heavy Times – Might Not

Heavy Times – Ouija Board

Atlas Strategic - Chicken Shack

The Oh Sees - Carrion Crawler and the Dream

That's right, listen up HERE!