Marianas Trench Rocks CN Centre


On February 9th, Marianas Trench took the stage of the CN Centre with special guests Shawn Hook and Repartee. Although a lot of fans only came to see Marianas Trench, the other two acts had the audience dancing and jumping out of their seats. Before the show even began, a local DJ played music for people finding their seats and getting ready for the concert. DSC_2218 Shawn Hook took the stage after a brief intermission before the second act. He started at the piano, playing a few songs like "Wasted," a cover from Virginia to Vegas. Then he joined the audience in jumping and dancing around the stage. He played some of his hit songs, like "Sound of Your Heart." Fans danced and screamed for more music after Hook left the stage. After another brief intermission, the main act began their performance. Marianas Trench performed many of their hit songs and made the audience feel like a part of the show by asking questions and talking as if the show were a conversation. At one point, Josh Ramsay, the lead singer of Marianas


Trench, came off stage and walked through the floor seats. This got fans excited to be a part of the action and raised the excitement in the concert. The concert as a whole was energetic and filled with many fantastic songs. Each act got the audience more and more excited. I would gladly go to another show for any of the three artists again.

By Sara Green, CFUR Volunteer Correspondent