Midsummer's Dream 2014

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Midsummer's Dream - The Dream Team Does It Again

This year's Midsummer's Dream festival happened right here in Prince George, B.C and for those f uslucky enough to attend it certainly was a Midsummer's Dream!

This local event, which took place over July 18th and 19th has been gathering momentum over the past few years. This year, festival goer's were treated to not just one stage but two with 44 DJ's and muscian to entertain. Along with all that good music there was a variety of workshops ranging from yoga to belly dancing to human planting and so much more.

Opening Ceremonies

On top of that were the festival grounds which local artists and volunteers transformed into a playground of fantasy and wonder! Walking around the 10 acres or so you may have been lucky enough to witness a number of delightful installations such as the hand made string fort (built by Prince Gerorge locals Sara Duncan, Brandon Cote, Leane Dawson and many others). This incredible structure provided a sanctuary of tranquility and comfort wherre festival goers could safely gather for some much needed down time. With an eye catching sign that reads "Elevated Thoughts", a slide for easy descent and a number of cosy cusions and blankets it is no wonder that one festival goer was heard saying "I would have paid the $90 just to sit in this string fort all weekend". Other fabulous creations included a trampoline suspended within a creative pine form pyramid, supported by parachute chords. I call this the double bounce"! The Trampoline itself provides a bouncy platform and coupled with the parachute chords it creates an entertaining attraction that delighted many of the intrigued attendees.

Smiles all around


It seemed that every where you turned there was something to feast your eyes upon! A gallery of local artist's paintings here, a tiny village in the trees there, not to metntion my personal favorite: spinning disco balls suspended above the lake!

Other must see areas of the grounds include the intention tree (created by Carolyn Manhas) and "The Sanctuary". These were built to give a deeper menaing to the philosophy of the festival. This I think played a vital part in creating a safe and positive atmosphere where everybody was made to feel part of this epic event. As one festival goer was heard saying, "You would really have to go out of your way to feel angry at Midsummer's, it really has such as positive vibe".

Brownie the Broadcast Van

DJ Jazzy Jo and the famous laundry bin of Vinyl Records

This was my (Jazzy Jo) second year at the festival in the role of warm up DJ and CFUR 88.7FM representative! As per last year I turned up in Brownie the broad-cast van armed with radio equipment ready to record interveiws! With help from fellow CFUR volunteer Nelos we were able to record the DJ sets played on the main stage and interveiw the DJ's in Brownie the broad-cast van! Listen to CFUR 88.7FM for Festival Fridays broadcast from 9-11pm. Listen out for those amazing DJ sets and interveiws.

DJ Nelos at his best

A big Thank You to Neil Steinbart (Nelos) and Phil Brown who played a key role in organizing the local DJ's (themselves included.....great sets guys!) and ensured the smooth running of the REM stage. Not only that but they were both mortaly injured (well not quite but a broken wrist and some surgery earlier in the week certainly added some drama to the proceedings). Thanks to all the DJ's who played and allowed us to record their set for CFUR 88.7FM.

More Thank You's to Blake Productions who provided such excellent sound and lighting for the REM stage as well asChinook Scaffliding with help from Chad Bo for building the monumental REM stage.

DJ phil Brown doing his thing

The Oracle Stage also has to be metioned! Sadly we did not have enough man power or equipment to record the preformances on this enchanting stage built at the back of the festival grounds. Those who experienced the Oracle werre delighted with its intimate ambience. Built and designed by Brett Shokra (and friends) this stage really was a work of art. Built from a mixture of natural materials found in the grounds and a man made structure designed to look like a mushrom and endorse sacred geometry the oracle was a spectacle not to be missed. The biggest dilema for festival   goers seemed to be which stage to stay at?

I hope all those involved with the organization of the festival, as well as the countless volunteers who dedicated their own time to making this festival work, give themselves a pat on the back for making this year undoubtedly the biggest year yet for Midsummer's Dreamers. Keep living the dream amd we hope to see you all again next year.

By Jazzy Jo and Nelos