Mo' 'Tenna, Mo' Problems.

1f03 Hey, CFUR fans.

Your favourite little station that could is having an antenna malfunction.

Luckily for us, we've got the best volunteer/board member in the world: Glen Yakemchuk is hard at work on the roof in the wet and cold, endeavouring to fix the problem.

Hopefully we'll be back chirping away on your FM dial (88.7!!) by tomorrow afternoon, but it may take longer than that. Our antennas are from the states, and worst case scenario means we'll have to ship em down there for fixer-uppin's. Like I said, worst case scenario. Glen is a wizard, after all, and it wouldn't do to underestimate his serious abilities.

Until then, we're still all hanging out in the studio. Please, do stop by and chat with us! We've got giveaways, and we're all phenomenally sexy.

And, as always, you can listen to us live online by hitting the button to your right on this very website. If you have an iOS device, you can even pin us to your home screen, as though we were an app. Yay! You can hear us through such apps as Spotify and as well.

Thank you so much for your patience, your constant support, and your dedicated efforts to listen to good music. We'll work on this as hard as we can to get back to delivering you the best alternative radio in Northern BC. We promise!

Lots of love,

Fraser, Jordan, Ian, and the rest of the board and volunteers at CFUR 88.7 FM.