Nostalgia - Nat-chyo! Grilled Cheese. Mixed CDs @ age15 this week on Suppertime



Hi CFUR! This week on Suppertime we are diving into Jill's mixed cd's from when she was 15, celebrating nostalgia and cheese. "Party Hardy and Rock n Roll" - Hot Action Cop from the song Fever for The Flava

This week I was inspired by watching the movie "Boyhood". I liked it. It reminded me of being 15. So here are some samples from my age 15 collection. Also, grilled cheese was the first thing I learned to cook. And nachos were my favourite thing as a kid because my dad would make them. And I still love both. So here is a memory lane recipe. For a grilled NATCH-YO cheese.

Nacho-Grilled Cheese 

Left over taco meat or beans

Grated cheese

Fresh tomatoes, diced

1 or two nacho chips, crunched up

  • Butter 2 slices of bread
  • Fill the bread with the above ingredients
  • Grill on medium low heat for about 2.5 minutes on one side, flip, then about another minute on the other side
  • Eat with salsa and sour cream!
  • Yummmm