Punk Rot Snot - Obscene Being

0002085302_100.png White hot punk has emerged from East Van in the past, but how long has it been since one of these bands clutched the sides of your head, lit you on fire, and taught you how to let loose? Obscene Being is that band!.

Here's what they have to say:

Hailing from East Vancouver Obscene Being is a 4 piece street punk rock n roll band, ready to smash through your front door like 50 tonne battle tank. These boys get their noise and inspiration from working hard, having some beers, cheers, and an all around good time.

Click to hear the tracks and link up to the album download.


One verse of the opening tune Time shrieks, "Live everyday like it was your last, get weird, get scared and have a laugh, before you know it this life will blast past, and we will turn to ash, one day, we will turn to ash." Consisting of Jameson on vocals, Dawson on guitar, Kyle on Bass and Julian on drums these hooligans have just released their first 5 song demo which can be found on band camp. Thanks to anyone who listened tonight and buys our demo.


For a sound more real than squalor itself, check these guys out. They don't fake it, this is PUNK. Preview them on Episode #510 of Air Guitar with Greg the Egg, or Episode #39 of Ether in the Attic!