Rocking Out at the Legion


On Friday, January 13th, Legion Branch 43 was bursting with music. In the show, put on by CFUR, four sets of performers took the stage and got everyone dancing and rocking along with them. Sean Wesley Wood, Crones, Flying Machine, and the Karl Wyssen Trio kept the audience at the Legion enthusiastic and demanding encores. For the most part, the music from each band was a mix of rock and alternative rock genres. However, a few of the songs provided the audience with a different sound. "Surf Detective" by Crones was one song that did this. By using different settings on their microphones and electric keyboard, the band was able to give the song a futuristic sound that peaked the interest of the audience.

The Crones

The bands performed well into the night, but no one was tired. The air of the Legion was filled with energy and adrenaline. And when the performers weren't up on stage, they were on the floor dancing and rocking out with the rest of the audience.

By the time Crones took the stage, more than half of the audience had let loose and taken to the dance floor.

One of the highlights of the night was Rocking Ronnie, a performer who joined the Karl Wyssen Trio in a few songs with his harmonica. You wouldn't think that someone could rock so hard with an instrument like the harmonica, but Ronnie blew the audience away with his playing. From the very beginning of the show, Ronnie tried to get the audience involved and out of their shells by grooving to the songs of Sean, Crones, and Flying Machine.

Overall, the performances were impressive and left the audience at the Legion wanting more. By the end of the night, the mood was set and no one wanted to go home.

Article and photography by: Sarah Green