Smoke's Rant: Really Racist Teams

Community-Stand-Against-Racism-Sign Now, I have been pissed off a lot with sports politics and general antics that come with some professional sports ie crime in the NFL, crime in the NBA, corruption in soccer, and the white hot lights beaming on Connor McDavid despite not playing an NHL game yet (too much pressure for a young guy); but one issue that has pissed me off for a while is the racist names for some sports teams. I am looking straight at you Washington and Cleveland.

U.S district judge Gerald Bruce Lee decided to uphold a ruling by the Trademark and Registration Board to cancel the trademark on the name "Redskins" due to the fact that it's blatantly racist against Native Americans. Thanks the Gods someone high up in American society has a brain and a more bone in their body. How would Caucasians like it if there was a team called "the crackers" or "the pale people"? It's time for owners of sports teams to get a grip and make sure that their names are culturally sensitive. It's not like anyone is trying to tell them to change it from the Washington robots to something else; YOUR NAME IS OFFENSIVE! Owner Dan Snyder has come out and tried to explain to the media and anyone who cares to listen, that the name is rooted in tradition and historical significance. The tradition he is talking about is the fact that no one has had the brains to change the name. The historical significance is that George Preston Marshall, who founded the team, was known as the biggest racist in the NFL while owning the team. During his tenure as team owner, he refused to sign any African-american players while others were signing and even drafting players in the early 1940's. He tried to play it off saying he wanted to pander to the southern market as a reason for not signing African-Americans; no you're just a terrible person. To have a person with the societal standing of Snyder saying that he respects this tradition, commissioner Roger Goodell needs to give him an ultimatum; either change the name or sell the team. Just from a business standpoint, your brand is being rightfully dragged through the mud. Your sales will plummet because no new fan is going to want to be associated with a racist name. Taking emotion right out of the equation, change the name and while you're at it, grow a heart.

Now, despite Dan Snyder and the Washington Redskins are getting all the negative attention, there is a team in baseball that is even worse. Not only does the MLB team from Cleveland have a very racist name "Indians", they also have an even more racist logo. Everyone with half a brain knows that "Indian" is a derogatory name for First Nations and Native American people (despite the Canadian government still using the term in a very significant piece of legislature), not to mention the fact that you are grouping a very proud people in with people of a similar skin color that are halfway across the world (India). Lets now focus on the logo, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? How on earth are people lighting torches outside Larry Dolan's house trying to force him to change both the name and the logo. The logo originates from a caricature of Native American people entitled: Chief Wahoo. A rather alarming business fact is that when the caricature logo was put on to their hats in 1986, the sales went through the roof. Yeah, consider me a little shocked and offended too. At least the Redskins logo is somewhat respectable illustrations of a strong looking Native-American who is ready to kick some ass in battle. The Chicago Blackhawks of the NHL have shown the world how to actually represent the Native-American community with dignity and respect. Their logo is of a proud Blackhawk warrior and is used a symbol of strength throughout the city of Chicago and beyond. In multiple surveys of sports teams logos, the Blackhawks have consistently been voted as having the best logo in North American sports. The one positive aspect of the Cleveland Indians is the fact that Larry Dolan is not as ignorant to societies stance on inappropriate logo's as, since 2014, his team is using a "C" in block lettering as their primary hat logo. Bravo Larry Dolan, now wouldn't it be easy to just either phase the logo out all together or do a re-imagining of the logo?

You must now be thinking, what name should the Redskins use instead? Or, what logo and name should the Cleveland Indians use instead? Well, here is some options:

Options for the Redskins name change:

1) Crows: A fierce and noble tribe of Native Americans all over North America.

If they change the logo, it could be either:

thunderbird-clkr   or     jon-snow-of-night-s-watch-nights-watch-37593290-4912-7360  (Jon Snow in GoT)

2) Change the name and logo all together:

Name: Washington Orcas: Orca's are one of the national animals of Washington and they are pretty violent creatures.

Logo: 585abd5156daedc9943a35cd5be38045   or   how-to-draw-a-orca_1_000000004269_5


As for the Cleveland Indians, here are my suggestions for a complete re-branding:

Name #1: The Cleveland Lebrons:

Lebron James is probably the only good thing to happen to this rust-belt city in its history.


Logo #1)lebron_awh


Name #2: Cleveland Rockers:

Cleveland is home to the Rock-and-Roll hall of fame. Every game could have a upstart band rocking out during the 7th inning stretch.

Logo #2: marilyn_manson_1450905 or      165953761 copy


Let me know what you think of the article, name changes, or the logos. My name is Smoke Stark and this has been my rant on two of the most racist teams in sports. Washington Redskins and Cleveland Indians YOU HAVE FAILED THIS CITY!