Sorta Fancy Soulful Dinner when it is Suppertime this week!


Welp I got fancy this week with some white wine and chicken and mushrooms. So fancy this dinner has serenade potential. The mashed potatoes and this playlist bring this back down to earth and make everything cozy and comfortable.


1 lb sliced mushrooms

White Wine

Veg or Chicken Stock

Fresh Thyme


Butter Flour

  • Over medium heat, brown chicken in a frying pan on all sides
  • Pop in oven at 350 to finish off
  • Now make a sauce and mushrooms! Add a good nob or two of butter and mushrooms
  • Sautee 5 min till mushrooms are getting soft
  • Add about 1 tbs flour, stir
  • Add ½ cup of white wine
  • Stir for a minute, add a clove of garlic, add a sprig or two of fresh thyme
  • Add ½ cup of stock and let simmer and reduce over medium heat
  • Remove garlic and thyme stick
  • Take out chicken from oven , garnish with sauce and fresh thyme
  • Serve with potatoes or whatever you shall fancy


A little playlist:

Otis Redding – I love You More Than Words Can Say

The Chantrelles – Ooh Wee

Al Green – Love And Happiness

The Dears – Never Destroy Us

The Moody Blues – Nights In White Satin

Leonard Cohen – I Left A Women Waiting

The Velvet Underground – Pale Blue Eyes

Blue – To The End

Crazytown – Butterfly ( Palate cleanser nock your sexy socks off)

John Lee Hooker - I Want to Talk About You

Caribou – Irene

Queens Of The Stone Age – Make It Wit Chu


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