Supper Time: Energy Ball Blast Off

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Little Balls of Energy

I wanted to make a recipe to reflect the high energy of my playlist. I didn’t have too much time to come up with something clever so decided to hop on the trendy “Energy Balls” wagon. Just hopped right on. These balls are basically raw cookies minus the flour and egg, but health food stores, bakeries and gyms have rolled out theses superballs as the newest Acai berry. I thought I’d give it a crack. They are not bad – like I say tastes a lot like a cold cookie. But they are very quick and only a few ingredients, perfect if you are craving something sweet or need a snack. Eat them on top of ice cream to make them more of a rock star thing.

1 Cup of regular oats

½ Cup of peanut butter ( I used natural)

1/3 Cup of honey

3 tbs Flax Seeds ( if you have or any other type of super healthy thang)

¼ Cup shredded coconut

¼ Cup Chocolate chips

Shake of salt

* First of all, if you do not want to get your measurement cups dirty (honey and peanut butter not fun) then just eye ball it. No chemistry here.

* Combine the peanut butter, honey, and flax seed and coconut.

* Add the oats and chocolate chips.

* Roll into little balls

* Put in fridge and eat.

A high energy playlist – good for sporty type adventure things. And eating energy balls.

For the Love of Ivy – The Japandroids

The Face of The Earth – The Dismemberment Plan

The Rat – The Walkmen

Romantic Rights – Death From Above 1979

Cloud Shadow on the Mountain – Wolf Parade

Contraptions/Soul Desert – The Oh Sees

Asunder – Fang Island

Alligator – Super Wild Horses

Goin’ Against Your Mind – Built to Spill

Neighbourhood # 3 ( Power Out) The Arcade Fire

Y Control – Yeah Yeah Yeahs