Alfredo's Pub

Shakin' Alfredo's Pub Down With Cariboo Calls

sc000d39basc000d39ba03     The first ever Cariboo Calling spoken word event kicked off on November 12th and we’ve been roiling in fame and an sea of meaningless sex ever since. Poets from all over Prince George came to watch and speak. Originals and classics were laid down and recorded over a few frosty rounds of draught (on special for every Cariboo Calling event I might add :D).

     With small, solid, turnouts like these, we can hope for a continually strengthening sub-culture of poets and spoken word artists. We strongly suggest everybody with a poem or rap solo tucked away to come to the pub and let it out. We randomly award prizes by the way, for no particular reason!

     Anyone who missed the action can tune in to CFUR at 10pm every Monday night and hear the Cariboo Calling over the airwaves. As always you can click on the "Listen Now!" link and have a listen there! Check out our Mixcloud posts to hear previous recordings as well.




sc000d39ba04 YeeHaw!