Blocktreat Music Video Drops!

Hey y’all,

this is your friendly Music Director at CFUR coming at ya.

Our good pal Brandon, known under the performing name Blocktreat, is releasing a new album soon! With new albums, new music videos come along in order to get us hyped. And thus, enjoy this delightful new track along with the very meta projection-based music video!

In our email correspondence, Brandon also gave me a little background on what the video is all about.

“My good bud and stellar photographer Casey Bennett was the main set of eyes for the project. His specialty is capturing the lonely, desolate beauty of Northern BC towns. It was super fun to make -- we spent a couple nights over the summer running around town with a video projector, blasting studio footage on a bunch of charming Williams Lake buildings and back alleys. The overall mood we were trying to capture is the quiet, lonely charm of our gritty little town. “

CFUR can 100% get behind the charm in a northern town. So from one gritty place to another, CONGRATULATIONS Blocktreat! We are so excited for your new album!

Stay tuned out there, everyone!