CFUR Presents: A Current Events Internship!


Need 3.0 credits?

Going into 4th year POLS or ENGL?

Have an interest in RADIO?

Check, Check, Check?

An internship is available:


-No matter what end of the political spectrum you align with, your efforts are valuable to us.

-get on-the-job media experience

-valuable expereince to a number of professions

-learn how journalists think, whether you become one or end up talking to one in your career path.

-Aids in presentation confidence. Practice makes perfect.

-Flexible schedule, don’t have to broadcast LIVE all the time, we have ability to record news

-focus on local, buffered by provincial, national, international events


-email your CV to programming@cfur.ca


Coordinate interviews with handsome devils like this


-Volunteering, interning, puts you in line for employment

-professionals in CBC here in town, @ the Drive,

-Sports down south, it’s an open field up North

-Events Coordinators booking shows and making $ here in town

-You pay a student fee, take advantage of it

- + We have lots of fun parties. Work hard play hard